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DSEAR requires site owners to classify their hazardous locations in the form of a suitable drawing, an example is shown below

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Area Classification

Small quantities of dangerous goods can be found in most workplaces.

Whatever they are used for, the storage and use of such goods poses a serious hazard unless basic safety principles are followed.

If your have these substances present

Then you must

be aware of the hazards of various types of flammable substance;
be aware of the basic standards, which apply to safe handling and storage of flammable substances;
introduce procedures to prevent accidents and protect people from the hazards of flammable substances;
find more detailed information when you need it.

There is an enormous variety of flammable substances to be found in the workplace.

They range from the obvious, e.g. petrol, paint thinners, welding gases and heating fuels, to the not so obvious, e.g. packaging materials, dusts from woodworking and dusts from food stuffs such as flour and sugar etc

To achieve this we recommend following the five main safety vices or principles below

Ventilation - Ignition - Containment - Exchange - Separation

Area Classification Services

If you need assistance in achieving compliance to the DSEAR Regulations then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you

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