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DSEAR guidance documentation published by the UK's Health & Safety Executive

Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres.

General requirements and guidance

Design of Plant and Equipment

Ever wondered how to design products, processes and systems for use in hazardous areas, then here is where to start

Storage of Dangerous Substances

Guidance on the quantities of dangerous substances and how to store them safely.

Safe Handling of Combustible Dusts

Guidance on the precautions required against explosions from combustible dust and how best to deal with them

Control and Mitigation measures

Guidance on identification of and control measures against potential sources of ignition

Product Standards ATEX

Essential health and safety requirements: equipment, protective systems and safety devices must satisfy the relevant essential health and safety requirements set out in Annex C

Safe Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Procedures

Guidance on three crucial areas of DSEAR Compliance, namely Maintenance and Repair operations and procedures and essential requirements for cleaning practices

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